In the last few months, I've participated in a few home made music videos in Vancouver.

This first one for the ONE PASS NOW campaign, sponsored by the Alma Mater Society of University of British Columbia, Students Unions of Vancouver Community College, Emily Carr Students’ Union & Douglas Students’ Union. The goal to obtain a $25 per month U-Pass for all of the 100,000+ post-secondary students in Metro Vancouver.

Ryan and I were actually stopped at the Dollar Produce on Commercial Drive and asked if we were in this video!

The next one was just done in this last week by the BCGEU. 'The Twelve Cuts of Xmas' highlights all the actions of the Provincial Liberal government did in 2009. I participated as part of the Canadian Federation of Students-British Columbia and the Education Shouldn't Be A Debt Sentence campaign. Check out the website, lot's of great facts about student debt, education and a cool calculator to figure out your debtload (with public student loans).

Now I admit that I don't have a great singing voice, but maybe a career as a music video star???

So the New York Senate voted to not pass the Same-Sex Marriage Bill, major FAIL, however Senator Salvino of Staten Island gave a passionate speech before her vote. She has touched on so many important aspects of how important it is to stand up for civil rights, how this only strengthens what marriage is in our society. She is completely on point about how we, our culture and society, have already destroyed the meaning of marriage - shoes like 'the Bachelor/Bachelorette', 'the Littlest Groom', a dedicated cable wedding channel. Little girls are taught to dream about their big wedding day, preparing the dress, the reception, the invitations etc. etc. without thinking about what it actually means to be IN a marriage. Who are we, as hetero-sexual couples, who have the PRIVILEGE to get married to DENY a basic civil right and to judge a committed and stable relationship?

Although this happened in New York State (and California) and is a huge debate in the United States, and Same-Sex Marriage is currently LEGAL in Canada -it is still a threat. IF there ever were to be a Conservative Majority in this country, there WILL be a discussion about the legality of Same-Sex Marriage. Let us all remember that and make sure that what is happening in the States DOES NOT happen in Canada.

Haus of Gaga

MARU - the infamous cat on youtube that loves to get stuck in boxes etc. - will have his first picture book and DVD released in Japan September 2 2009.

QUESTION: How do I get a copy of it? AND how soon can I get it?

Check out this video and you'll see why I kinda fell in love:

The best parts are 1:17 and 1:50
Over 1.7 million views... crazy huh?

This one has over 4.5 million views

So Vancouver PRIDE has once again come and gone. My favorite day of the year, again it was another awesome one spent together with inspirational and awesome people that I can't imagine my life without.

We put together a float for the parade on August 2nd, the Canadian Federation of Students-BC created a 'Student Debt Life Boat' and it was fantastic! HUGE THANKS to an awesome crew for the build and for the parade! Had a few minor glitches at the beginning of construction but it all worked out perfectly - Vancouver PRIDE 2010 here we come!

To quote my housemate Liz 'Gay, straight, purple, red or green most students have such a hard time with the debt load that is almost common place when embarking on their life's journey upon graduation! It's time we take a stand and lower tuitions, offer more education grants and help out the people who are looking to better their own lives and the lives of those around them by furthering their education!! Let's have PRIDE in our students!' - I couldn't have said it better myself!

I really like this song and I love all the kids in these videos too!

This one was made by the The GayClic Collab Against Homophobia (from France!)

Check this out~

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